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Post ads for free

Post ads on Rays Market is in principle free.

Categories with a limited number of free ads

In a few sub-categories of "Automobiles" and "Real Estate" the number of free ads active simultaneously per user is limited. You can post additional ads from USD 4.90. In the "Erotic" category, ads are charged USD 9.90.

Promote ads

Get attention! With the following success accelerators, you put your ad in the foreground. It is you who choose which ones you will use and how. And if you appreciate comfort, choose one of our combined packages - which we offer at a small price.

Replace your ad at the top of search results and categories. Starting at USD 2.90 (depending on the category)

TOP POSITION - whenever you want

Your ad is view first ...

In search results and categories

On computers and mobile devices

How it works

We place your ad at the top of the list. You set the time and the number of times.


Highlights your color ad in search results and categories. Starting at USD 1.50 (depending on the category)

Gallery Homepage

Place a visible image of your offer on the homepage on "
". Starting at USD 19.90 (depends on category)

 Website Link

Link the web addresses mentioned in the ad to the corresponding pages. Starting at USD 2.90 (depending on the category)

"Turbo Deal" economic package

7 × Top Position, 7 days Highlight. From USD 17.90 (depending on the category)

All-Inclusive Economic Package

7 × Top Position, 7 days Highlight, 7 days Homepage Gallery, 7 days Website Link. Starting at USD 34.90 (depending on the category)

Random Banner Top 728 x 90

Top of each page of the website, 7 days random banner 728x90 with website link. Starting USD 149,90 (depending on category)

example banner on each page of the website (see on the Top of this page)

Sell internationaly - Translate you ad

Our Professional Translators Experts can help.

Translate your ad to the following languages: Arabe (العربية), Chinese (中国), English, French, Japanese, Portugese, Russian (русский), and Spanish.

Prices: 500 to 1000 words: USD 34.90 - 1001 up to 1500 words: USD 59.90 - More words: tariff on request.


Our conditions

All ads are subject to the Terms and Conditions, and Insertion Rules.