Insertion Rules


Insertion Rules
Available from 30 march 2017

1 Introduction 4
2 Terms and conditions 4
2.1  Respect for others 4
2.2  Applicable law 4
2.3  Advertising Liability 4
2.4  Provision of data 4
2.5  Authorized languages (portal languages) 5
2.6  Wrong Category 5
2.7 False or misleading information 5
2.8 Prohibition of multiple insertions 5
2.9  Manipulation of search results 5
2.10 Manipulating ad order 5
2.11 Outlawed use of software and scripts 5
2.12 Sanctions 6
3 Prohibited ads 6
3.1 Animals 6
3.2 Weapons and ammunition of all types 7
3.3 Archaeological Cultural Properties 7
3.4  Named tickets and tickets 7
3.5  Jewelry 8
3.6  Diplomas and official documents 8
3.7  Decoding and decryption devices (software and hardware) 8
3.8  Personal data and image 8
3.9  Data and data carriers 8
3.10 Drugs and other substances altering consciousness 9
3.11 Jobs 9
3.12 Real Estate and Housing 9
3.13 Lots and lottery tickets 9
3.14 Brands 9
3.15 War equipment and military items 9
3.16 Medications 9
3.17 Message / Information 10
3.18 Watches 10
3.19 Totalitarianism, racism, religious or political extremism 10
3.20 Securities and money 10
3.21 Parts of the human body and organs 10
3.22 Patents for restoration 10
3.23 Plants 11
3.24 Foodstuffs 11
3.25 Dangerous products 11
3.26 Stolen or non-existent products and articles 11
3.27 Erotic products and services 11
3.28 Promise of winnings or gifts 12
3.29 Publicity 12
3.30 Diets and methods of weight control 12
3.31 Health and Beauty 13
3.32 Financial services 13
3.33 Tobacco and tobacco products 13
3.34 Telecommunications, telephones and listening devices 13
3.35 Vehicles - mechanical components and parts 14
3.36 Motorway stickers 14
3.37 User licenses and user accounts 14

1  Introduction

The "Insertion Rules" document contains a non-exhaustive list of products and services whose publication on Rays Market is prohibited for legal, ethical, moral or commercial policy reasons. Advertisements that may mislead or mislead Rays Market visitors by false or missing information are also considered prohibited. The list of prohibitions will be regularly updated by our services. 
If you are unsure about the validity of your ads, please contact our support:  

1.1  Terms and Conditions

1.2    Respect for Others

Rays Market is a cordial and friendly platform. Relations with employees, customers and users of Rays Market must therefore be done in a spirit of mutual respect, that is, no offensive or offensive behavior will be tolerated.

1.3  Applicable Laws

Legislation in many countries applies to the Rays Market platform and its content. All advertisements published on Rays Market must therefore observe in particular the provisions of the following Acts:

  • Data protection
  • Law against unfair competition
  • Trademark Protection Act
  • Penal Code of many countries
  • Animal Protection Act
  • Copyright Act
  • Law on the Protection of the Private Sphere

1.4    Liability of ads

The user is responsible for all the content of his ads (text, images ...), as well as the correspondence that he holds in this context (eg answers to ads, support questions, etc.). The Client is responsible for ensuring that its announcements are up-to-date and fact-based.

1.5    Availability of data

The customer agrees to provide all data transmitted to Rays Market or to third parties in the form and quality imposed by Rays Market, namely ...

The announcement…

  • must match the category in which it was placed,
  • should not be placed several times, even in different categories or sub-categories,
  • must not contain a sequence of capital letters for graphic highlighting, and
  • may not contain advertisements for other websites offering the same services as Rays Market.

The title ...

  • must match the content of the ad and
  • must not contain a sequence of uppercase letters for graphic highlighting.
  • must not contain the address of a website
  • It is unique to each ad

The photo ...

must match the subject of the ad.

Furthermore, the user guarantees that he has the right to all data provided by him directly or indirectly through third parties or Rays Market, for example texts,des images, des cartes, des plans etc., et qu’il est autorisé à les utiliser dans le cadre des accords contractuels avec Rays Market.

1.6    Authorized languages (portal languages)

Ad insertion is allowed only in the following languages:

  • Chinese
  • english
  • french
  • japanese
  • português
  • russian

1.7    Wrong Category

When an ad is placed in the wrong category, Rays Market reserves the right to move the ad to the correct category or delete the ad.


  • An announcement for the sale of a motorcycle in the category "wines".
    • An "Escort Girl" places an ad in the "Encounter" category with the title "Serious Relationship".

1.8    False or Misleading Information

An advertisement containing erroneous information that may mislead the user about the nature of the object is deleted. Texts and images must also correspond to the actual characteristics of the proposed object. It is not allowed to publish an ad whose content directly attacks ads from other customers.


  • an offer for a Chevrolet Coupe with a Porsche image
    • announcement with content: "The items on sale for xy on Rays Market are all mediocre and not worth the price."

1.9    Prohibition of multiple insertions

It is permitted to publish only one ad for each object sought or offered. It is therefore not permitted to publish several advertisements for the same object sought or offered. This also applies if
• The ads are placed in a different category or a different location,
• The images or text of the ads are different but refer to an identical object or content.  

1.10  Manipulation of search results

It is forbidden to use certain texts to manipulate the search engine. The text can only be a sequence of words, but must be written correctly in one of the portal languages.

1.11  Manipulating ad order

The "Top Position" paid option allows the ads to be placed again at the top of the preview pages or search results for user payment. Operations with the same effect are prohibited.

1.12  Proscribed use of software and scripts

The use or development of software or scripts for the use of Rays Market is prohibited. Accessibility functions do not fall within the scope of this provision.

1.13     Sanctions

Rays Market reserves the right to remove or modify all advertisements without consultation with the client if the advertisements contravene these rules of insertion and, in the case of non-compliance with the law of the country, to inform the competent authorities .

Rays Market is also entitled to delete advertisements at any time and without justification, even if these do not explicitly contravene these rules.

2        Ads banned

The following prohibited list is sorted alphabetically. It serves only as an example and a better understanding, but is not exhaustive. The customer shall be responsible for compliance with the provisions referred to in points 1 and 2. With regard to advertisements prohibited under points 1 and 2 but not explicitly included in the prohibited list, this omission does not mean they can not be published.

2.1       Animals

The sale of animals is allowed on Rays Market only under the legislation applicable to (a) the authorities of the country of departure and (2) the authorities of the country of arrival. If an animal species is listed in the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) list, the sale of this species is prohibited. In the case of a sale between a private and a professional, Rays Market gives itself the right to request a certificate of authorization from the merchant. If he refuses to provide evidence or the evidence is invalid, Rays Market is entitled to block his ads and account.

Examples of prohibited ads

  • Animal babies not yet weaned • Dogs with cut ears or tails.
  • Declawed cats
  • Animals in inappropriate cages (

It is also prohibited to sell items on the Rays Market that may cause suffering to animals.

Examples of prohibited objects:

  • electric shock equipment
  • spike collars
  • anti-bark collars with ultrasound or lemongrass
  • barbed wire fencing for horses
  • Invisible fences for dogs
  • Dogs

The sale of dogs is governed by the following provisions:

Only the sale of animals aged 56 days and older with an identification chip is allowed. The description of the advertisement must indicate the chip number of the proposed animal (for puppies to be born: the mother's chip number). As long as an animal is not equipped with an identification chip, the number of puppies in the litter must be indicated.


  • the Registration Number of the professional provider or the mention "Individual"
    • the identification number of the puppy or female carrier,
    • the number of animals in the litter and their date of birth,
    • the words "purebred" if the animals are listed on special registration book governement
    • the words "Non-race"

Advertisers domiciled in countries where the sale of animals is not allowed:
The sale of pets by private persons is not allowed. Professional advertisers
(Recognized breeders, shelters, etc.) are requested to contact with the official authorizations of their country.


In case of doubt, Rays Market reserves the right to request a copy of the pet passport. If proof is not provided or is not valid, Rays Market is entitled to block ads and the account of that advertiser.

2.2    Arms and ammunition of any type

Advertisements for objects and weapons (and their components) intended to injure persons, as well as ammunition intended for such apparatus, are prohibited. By "weapon" we mean all firearms, sharp weapons and white weapons as well as imitations of weapons. Rays Market reserves the right to remove arms announcements at any time, even beyond the provisions of the Acts of many countries on weapons.

• Air guns, rifles, pistols, revolvers, etc.
• Alarm guns, gas and signal guns, soft air guns, etc.
• Firearms components: loaders, guns, silencers, cylinder heads, blades, ammunition, etc.
• American punches, handguns, throwing stars and slings, etc.
• Locking knives, automatic opening knives, butterfly knives, etc.
• Taser, stun guns
• Laser of more than 5 mW
• Disguised weapons that are not immediately identifiable as weapons (lighters, etc.)

• Kitchen knives, cleaning, fishing, hunting and pocket
• Antiques

2.3    Archaeological Cultural Property

Trade in archaeological objects is not permitted without the official agreement of the competent State (proof of legality). The official proof must be reproduced in the advertisement in a clearly legible manner. A receipt, invoice or customs document does not constitute proof!

2.4    Entry tickets and admission ticket

It is forbidden to propose tickets or vouchers on which the beneficiary appears by name and whose assignment is prohibited by contractual commitment. (Example: tickets to Wimbledon, Roland-Garros). However, ads are permitted for transmissible tickets. If the customer does not yet have these transferable tickets, the announcement must stipulate that the customer is not yet in possession of the tickets. The publication of announcements for tickets and / or transferable vouchers is allowed on Rays Market if the selling prices (excluding shipping costs) are not higher than the official value of the ticket / voucher.

2.5    Jewelry
Advertisements for fake jewelery may not be labeled "gold", "silver" or "platinum". These should be referred to as "gold plated" or "steel" instead. The designations of precious metals or precious stones must not lead to deceive the buyer on the real value of the object. The use of abbreviations that are not comprehensible to the average user is prohibited.


  • A gold-plated ring with a red stone. This offer should not become: gold ring with ruby
    • 0.75 SI1 - SI2, F, Shuttle, neck mount, AU yellow

2.6    Diplomas and official documents
The sale of State recognized diplomas, official documents or activities falling under the prerogatives of the State is not permitted.

Examples :

  • Counterfeit official diplomas (HTL engineer, license, master ...)
    • Sale of identity cards and passports from all countries
    • Extracts from registers

2.7    Decoding and decryption devices (software and hardware)

Advertisements for decoding and decryption hardware and software with the aim of infringing rights on works protected by intellectual property legislation are not permitted.


  • Dreambox
    • Hacking software and hardware
    • AceKards
    • M3 Cards
    • Software to unblock SIM cards

2.8    Personal Data and Images
Trade in personal data (relating to natural or legal persons) is prohibited. Personal data shall be regarded as all the data which make it possible to establish links with certain specific or determinable persons.


  • Address lists of people
    • Bank data
    • Lists of potential clients
    • E-mail list

2.9    Data and data carriers
The sale of data (films, software, books, music, etc.) is only permitted if the data is provided on their original medium. Advertisements for blank data carriers (CD, DVD, MP3, hard disk, mobile phones, etc.) are only permitted if the contribution to the blank media has been paid

Examples of authorized ads
blanck CD (empty)
DVD originaux 

Examples of prohibited ads
Photocopies of books
Copies of movies on DVD

2.10 Drugs and other substances altering consciousness
It is prohibited to offer for sale drugs and other substances which alter the consciousness, as well as articles for the manufacture of such substances.

2.10    Jobs

Advertisements for job applications that are based on the principle of network marketing (multi-level marketing) are prohibited.

2.11  Real estate and housing

It is permissible to publish advertisements for the sale or lease of real estate and dwellings provided that the client effectively and legally disposes of the proposed properties. 

2.12 Lots and lottery tickets

Advertisements for lotteries and other draws or contests are not allowed.

2.12    Brands

Ads must contain only those trademarks for which the customer is authorized. The mention of a different mark is authorized if it is necessary for the description of the object or if its omission could mislead the user. We talk about an Audi when it is really an Audi, or it is specified that the proposed object is "not compatible with the iPhone 4".

  • Examples of prohibited ads:
    Copies, imitations, counterfeits or counterfeits of "Rolex" watches o fake jewelry of "Cartier"
    • Unlawful ownership of marks o "Le Corbusier" style furniture
    • Inspiration (the article gives the impression that it would be the original) o handbag inspired by "Hermes"

2.13  Material of war and military items

The military war and military equipment can be sold if the trade was authorized by the competent authorities of your country.

2.14    Médical Products and Medicines

Advertisements for medicines or medical products are forbidden, even if they are recognized by an authority such as a Ministry of Health.


              Viagra - aspirine

2.15    Message / Information

The insertion of advertisements containing political or opinion content messages is prohibited.

2.16    Watches

Advertisements for fake watches must not contain the words "gold", "silver" or "platinum". Instead, the words "gold plated" or "steel" will be used. The designations of precious metals or precious stones must not lead to deceive the buyer on the real value of the object. The use of abbreviations that are not comprehensible to the average user is prohibited. The presentation of copies of watches under their original trademark is prohibited.


  • Yellow gold plated watch, instead of yellow-plated watch.
    • 0.75 SI1 - SI2, F, Shuttle, neck mount, AU yellow

2.17 Totalitarianism, racism, religious or political extremism

The totalitarian, racist and extremist demands, offers and considerations used for propaganda purposes are not allowed.


  • Propaganda material, such as posters, flags, badges and media displaying symbols or contents of a totalitarian, racist and extremist nature
    • Products such as clothing, common objects and media with symbols or content associated with extreme right or extreme left
    • Ads containing YouTube videos of totalitarian speechException: les objets historiques ayant une valeur muséale.


We reserve the right to delete - without providing any justification - ads that violate these provisions and block the corresponding user accounts.

2.17 Securities and money

The sale of currencies still in circulation, as well as of securities, stocks and bonds still quoted on the stock exchange is prohibited.


  • J.P.Morgan Shares
    • Bank notes

2.17 Parts of the human body and organs

The sale of human bodies, parts of the body, organs and bones is not permitted, for example skeletons, organs prepared, blood, urine, sperm, eggs, breast milk, etc.

2.17    Patentes for restoration 

Advertisements for restoration patents are prohibited if the conditions of the applicable legal provisions are not met. If a person makes his catering license available, it must be explicitly stated that the person will work in the establishment. If the institution is transferred with its license, it is considered that the type of authorization will not be modified.

Examples :

I give up my coffee shop with the associated restoration certificate.
I put my license at the disposal, provided that I can work at least 50% in your establishment.

2.18    Plants

Trade in plants is permitted only when the advertisement complies with international plant protection laws. If a species is listed in the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) list, its sale is prohibited. In the case of a sale between a private and a professional, Rays Market gives itself the right to request a certificate of authorization from the merchant. If he refuses to provide evidence or the evidence is invalid, Rays Market is entitled to block his ads and account.

2.19    Food products

The sale of food products is prohibited if it infringes the legal provisions in force, in particular the Swiss Federal Law on Foodstuffs. 

2.20    Dangerous Products

Ads for hazardous products are prohibited. Hazardous products are products that may be harmful to human or animal health or the environment.

For example:

  • radioactive materials (plutonium)
    • fireworks
    • dynamite and other explosives
    • pepper sprays and other self-defense sprays
    • firecrackers

2.21 Stolen or non-existent products and articles

It is prohibited to offer property stolen or acquired by an action contrary to the law (eg crime). 

For example :

  • Stolen jacket
    • Modem belonging to a telephone company
    • Car with a leasing contract

It is also forbidden to propose non-existent objects.

2.21    Erotic products and services

Advertisements with erotic content are prohibited outside the category "Erotic" and must be published in the following categories of erotic:

  • Cabarets & bars contact
    • Escort Girls
    • Exhibitionism & voyeurism
    • Fetish
    • Photos & templates
    • Sensual massages (including Tantric massages)
    • Massage parlors
    • Private erotic contacts
    • Shop
    • SM
    • Dating SMS
    • Studios & clubs
    • Swingers
    • Telephone pink
    • TS & TV
    • Web sites



  • Erotic ads should only be published in the "Erotic" category.
    Applications or offers with a clear objective

  • the involvement of minors
    • the involvement of pregnant women
    • the practice of non-consensual acts or the commission of punishable acts
    • incitement to prostitution
    • Brutality of texts or images
    • discrimination based on origin, religion or ideology
    • the practice of sexual acts with animals

Requests and offers that violate the law of many countries in force will be reported to the competent authority.


For ads of this category, we check if the images respect our conditions of insertion.
The reproduction or symbolic representation of /

  • content prohibited by law under s.
    • content not directly related to the ad concerned
    • genital organs, body orifices of the intimate parts or pubic hair (which must be completely covered by body position, garment or color field)
    • sexual acts, including the use of sex toys,
    • signs of pregnancy
    • body fluids
    • acts of violence
    • Discriminatory or offensive content directed at origin, religion or ideology
    • contact information (phone number, e-mail address) or web addresses
    • price indications, banknotes, coins or currency symbolsVeuillez noter que vous devez disposer pour chaque image des droits de publication complets.

2.22    Promiss of Earnings or Gifts

Announcements of promises of winnings or donations are not allowed. Advertisements promising free travel are also prohibited.

2.23    Publicity

It is prohibited to advertise a site that is competing with Rays Market or advertising that is contrary to the legal provisions in force.

2.24    Régimes et méthodes de maîtrise du poids

The inclusion of classified advertisements concerning weight control regimes and methods is prohibited.

2.25    Health and Beauty

It is possible to have a simple or serial representation of

  • therapists - also in the form of portraits o in ordinary work habits in the branch
    O in a neutral body position or during the exercise of the therapeutic activity o on a neutral background or in his / her working environment, with utensils necessary for the exercise of the therapeutic activity
    • natural elements (landscapes, plants, minerals)

The real or symbolic representation is not admitted

  • nudity, such as • the legs completely or partially discovered by the therapist • the totally uncovered buttocks of the person being treated • a plunging neckline (see pictures)
    • people in potentially erotic attire
    • faceless (concealed, cut-off at the head)
    • portraits made in the manner of "selfies"
    • erotic or potentially erotic gestures
    • children
    • animals
    • Potentially erotic work environments or utensils • Contact information or web addresses

2.26    Financial services

Proposals for financial services which infringe the legal provisions in force are prohibited. The user of Rays Market is himself responsible for checking the financial services offerings.

2.27    Télécommunications, téléphones and listening devices

The sale of jammers or radar detectors is prohibited.

Advertisement of dummy phones is permitted when explicitly stated in the ad, that is, the words "phone imitation" or "dummy phone" appear clearly in the ad. The term "false" is insufficient.

Devices that are used for the illegal recording of sounds or images (eg, spy cameras, cameras placed in ordinary objects such as lighters, pens, glasses, teddy bears, etc.) are not permitted

2.28    Vehicules – materials and accessories

Announcements of motor vehicle equipment and accessories are permitted if they comply with applicable legislation. Vehicles containing such subsequent adjustments or combinations of modifications shall be described as such in the advertisement.

2.29    User licences and user account

User licenses and user accounts for services or software may not be offered if the provisions of the licensor prohibit the assignment of such licenses.